About The Curious Café

The Curious café is a place where it’s possible to discuss about lots of topics: journeys, events, lifestyle, destinations, advices, experiences, real or only imagined emotions. But how was The Curious Café born?

Why Curious?

I strongly believe that one of the most important feelings is curiosity. More than a quality, curiosity is a basic instinct, an attitude. What would we be and how could we evolve without the need to learn and to understand the world around us? Think about the children. They are like an empty box to be filled with new experiences and information. Their mind is open and they are reactive in front of any stimulus!

New experiences push our creativity and our intellect, generating a virtuous circle. We should look at every challenge like an opportunity to grow up, trying different experiences, learning to be open-minded.
Curiosity is an attitude. The more you learn, the more you are aware there are lots of things you don’t know!

I have not special talents, I am only passionately CURIOUS”.

I absolutely agree this quote.

Why Café?

The Café lets you think about relax time and a serene state of being. Having some free time to chat or to read a good book. During the winter, in front of a nice cappuccino or a cup of tea with pastries. And during the summer, there are no doubts: icy mojito and a wonderful red sunset.

Have a good read!


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