Hot Air Balloon Festival and a Surprise

After a night spent without sleeping a single minute, at 6.30 a.m. we were already in place. Besides being exhausted , the girl for who we prepared the surprise was until that moment completely unaware of what was going to happen. The location was a large field at the foot of the beautiful town of Todi, in Umbria. When we arrived, everyone was already fervently involved in setting all up.

Although we were very sleepy, our faces were watching at this process with lot of interest. They were accurately extending the huge drapes, then put in place a big blower fan to the base, which slowly started to give a shape to this thing which would soon have become a hot air balloon. Thanks to the hot air blown inside them, these large colourful drapes have slowly begun to move upward, turning into huge swinging balls. Once all was ready, we let our ‘guest of honour’ take the flight and we stayed there to enjoy her departure.

I’ve never seen a more relaxing show than this! This scene was able to let us feel a great and unexpected sense of calm and well-being: the noise of the flames that were warming the air inside, the slow take-off to the sky, and from a distance, we could admire many small coloured bright balls as a perfect backdrop to this itself enchanting landscape.

Todi mongolfiere 2014mongolfiere in preparazione todiGran Premio Mongolfieristico todivolo in mongolfieramongolfiere todiviaggio in mongolfieramongolfiere in volo todimongolfiere in volo

fiamma mongolfierasanta maria della consolazione toditodi vista dall'altotodi città panorama mongolfieraImage Credits: The Curious Café & Benedetta Mariucci 

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16 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Festival and a Surprise

  1. Very cool. I am guessing either you eventually got to take a ride or your friend took the aerial photos :). Either way the scenery is stunning and the balloons with a backdrop of clear blue sky is amazing.

    • Hey Tim! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to take a ride cause that day all tours were fully booked. Will go again for sure in July for a new edition of the festival :D

  2. Pictures are so beautiful. I think you took pictures from down and Aerial photos are by your friend. Just a guess, or did you enjoy the ride too?

  3. I’ve only been up in a hot air balloon once and it wasn’t part of a festival or event. But I definitely found it to be breathtaking. Beautiful pictures. The colorful balloons seem to make the sky look bluer.

  4. Ilaria, these are beautiful. this is one activity that I always wanted to do but never really took the time to explore. I’ll bet your friend really enjoyed the ride. What a wonderful surprise for her. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How generous of you to share this wonderful experience, particularly with aged landlubbers who these days only fly in their imaginations (extremely high, nonetheless). Thank you Ilaria… the view from ‘up-over’ is glorious.

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