Getting married in Italy: Jen & James did it! 6 facts about their beautiful story

Sometimes blogging holds very nice surprises, like meeting by chance wonderful people who may have a lot in common with you. I would like to tell you a gorgeous story about Jennifer, an American girl who fell in love with the ‘Bel Paese’ – my beloved country – and decided to get married in Italy, exactly in Bucine, a small village located in the Tuscan countryside. Let’s find out more about her!

1. Ciao Jennifer! Tell us something about yourself. We are curious!
I’m a Boston, Massachusetts based wine blogger (her website focusing solely on Italian wines. I work for an Italian wine importer, PSP Imports, as a wine sales representative in the US. We are partnered with small and medium wineries in Italy to share their wonderful wines with Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

2. When and where was your first time in Italy? How did it happen?
My first time traveling to Italy was when I was in college during a study abroad program when I lived in Firenze for 4 months. I traveled from northern to southern Italy and fell in love with the country.

3. Have you been in Italy more times?
I have been now 7 times including my recent wedding there in the small town of Bucine this past October 2013.

4. What is your favorite place ever in Italy?
This is a tough I question. I can appreciate many different regions for their own reasons. Firenze has my heart since this is where I lived, but other than that I love many regions.

5. Why did you choose to get married in Italy, especially Tuscany? Did your husband enjoy your idea? Tell us something about your big day and the emotions you felt.
I wanted to get married in Italy to get away from all the chaos that comes along with planning these huge weddings that happens in the States. Italy has always held my heart so I knew when I lived there I would return to get married there. Plus, I am of Italian ancestry as well. My great grandfather was born there. I chose Tuscany because I am the most comfortable with that region since I have explored that the most.  I chose the small town of Bucine in particular because my friend whom I met when I studied abroad that I have kept in touch with after all these years knew a beautiful place to stay and we chose to get married in the small, quaint town of Bucine where it’s located because it was more private.

My husband had never been to Italy and when we met and started traveling together we decided to hold off on going to Italy because he knew my dream was to get married there so we made sure it was his first time experiencing Italy for our wedding.

The day was amazing. We kept it low key and only invited immediate family to keep it as intimate as possible.  There were 11 of us in total. We had a fantastic photographer, Domenico Costabile, that I hired to be with us for the day. We took pictures around our beautiful accommodations, Iesolana, and then headed over to the town hall to be married by the mayor, Sauro Testi. From there we traveled through the Tuscan landscape on a shuttle where I had my favorite Italian musician, Andrea Bocelli, playing in the background. We traveled on the SS222 via the Chiantigiana and stopped along the way for pictures in the vineyards. We finished the day at sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo in Firenze, where originally everything had all started for me and we even walked through the streets of Firenze. This was one of the most special parts for me because I remember the days about 11 years earlier when I was walking through there as a student dreaming of this day. Upon our return back home we enjoyed a fantastic dinner in Ambra at ‘Alla Corte di Bacco’. Everything was a dream and I couldn’t have asked for more!

6. Would you advice your friends to get married in Italy? if yes, why?
Absolutely and I’ve even provided recommendations in helping others since then. If you have a connection to the land it holds a special place in your heart and if you don’t, the beauty that the country provides is enough to create extremely memorable memories.

Wow, what else to say.. A big thank you to Jen for sharing her story with us!
Here there are some gorgeous pictures of the ‘Big Day’ :)

Wedding in Tuscany, Florence Jennifer and Jameswedding in florence italy Jen and Jameswedding in italy florence

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17 thoughts on “Getting married in Italy: Jen & James did it! 6 facts about their beautiful story

  1. What beautiful photos and romantic place to get married. I think it was an awesome idea not to have the groom go to Italy prior to the wedding. I’m sure it made the big day just that much more exciting!

  2. What a beautiful way to share her beloved Italy with her new husband. Having lived in Venice for several months in college, I can really relate to this story! I’m always looking forward to the day I can go back.

  3. Beautiful story. I’m of Italian descent, too. Although I was married in NY — St. Patrick’s Cathedral and it can’t get much better than than that! — I can appreciate why Jennifer wanted to return to Italy which she loves so much.

    • Hi Jeannette, your last name made ​​me immediately think that you had Italian ancestry :) You chose a wonderful location in NY. Hope to come visit it asap!

  4. Lovely post. How romantic and what a lovely couple. I’m hoping to visit Rome in spring next year with family and then see other destinations afterwards, like Venice, Lake Garda………and the list goes on!

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