Umbria Jazz Festival

Maybe it’s the summertime mood that always makes everything beautiful, maybe it’s the music, the international air you can breathe, but during the Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia is able to show its best side. Music at every corner, street parades, free and paid concerts at any time of the day or night. This is the aspect of the city that we – as inhabitants – like the most, so charming and appealing.

I love to enjoy the midweek afternoon ambience of the festival, walking through the streets of the city center when it isn’t as overcrowded as during the evenings or weekends. The sound of the street artists performers, the wait for the shows to begin, the band rehearsals: the atmosphere is vibrant.

Not only Jazz‘ it is said. Over the years, the event has had several changes, including shows belonging to other genres of music like rap, pop, funky and also DJ sets recently. This choice has been contested by the ‘pure jazzers’ who claim that this kind of events make lose the true sense of the event. What do you think? As a profane of jazz, there’s one thing I’m sure of: I would never spend a summer without UJ!

Umbria_jazz Umbria_jazz_hiromi Umbria Jazz Porter Umbria_jazz_sax Umbria_jazz_john legendUmbria jazz girl[Some photos from UJ 2013. Credits: Perugia2019,]
The event:

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12 thoughts on “Umbria Jazz Festival

  1. Oh yes. Love the jazz festivals and even though I was unaware of the Umbria iteration I can understand perfectly that a summer would not be the same if the jazz festival went away. I used to live in Chicago and our summer was always book-ended by a festival of jazz and then a festival of blues. Love the photos and being in black and white adds an extra layer of appeal on this subject.

    • I picked black and white photos because I thought they have such a particular allure that perfectly represents the soul of the festival.

  2. must be great to have a festival celebrating jazz that permeates the entire city. I don’t think we have anything like that in houston. we have the live stock show and rodeo but it features all kinds of music. however, it is an event that takes over all of houston for about a month in the spring. I doubt a few rap performers are going to change something as powerful as the umbria jazz fest. thanks for sharing, max

    • Thanks for your comment, Maxwell. Very interesting festival :) What kind of music is the most popular in Houston? One of my friends, which is Texan, loves country music!

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