Sensational Umbria by Steve Mccurry… like a local!

Few days after the opening I had the chance to visit Sensational Umbria by Steve McCurry photo exhibition in Perugia. I didn’t want to read almost anything about it before I go, I didn’t want that my mind was prepared in any way on what I was about to see. I wanted to be surprised, to discover little by little what effect it would have made on me as a ‘local‘, as I’ve been living here since always. I was incredibly curious to see what kind of aspects Steve McCurry had wanted to capture and emphasize, what places had impressed him the most during his journey to discover Umbria.

The installation is particular: a dark room, all the photos placed on the ground were shining thanks to a backlighting system that improved the brilliance of the original colours, bringing out the best. Very nice idea the two ‘points of view’ at the ends of the room, from which you can admire the pictures from above.

Incisive shots in which a subject element is nearly always present, as a protagonist or as a surrounding to the main image. McCurry is able to capture the soul of people, special expressions, glances which evoke deep emotions. So many places and situations have been immortalized to represent the spirit of the region: sunrises, sunsets, hills, history, culture, spiritual places, people, landscapes, animals, ancient crafts, everyday life scenes, big events pride of this land. All these pieces fit perfectly together, creating the image of Umbria.
Moments that seem surreal, surprising and unexpected, but so spontaneous.

“Just think, within twenty minutes you can be out of time. In Umbria, the scenery changes this way: just a few minutes and you can walk from one epoch to another. It ‘a very precious thing.”

sensational umbria mostra perugia

Here there are some of the shots exposed at Sensational Umbria:

Castelluccio di norcia steve mccurryCastelluccio di Norcia

corsa ceri gubbio mccurryPalazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio

festival dei due mondi spoleto mccurryFestival of two worlds, Spoleto

piazza iv novembre perugia mccurryPiazza IV Novembre, Perugia

Rocca paolina Perugia Steve McCurryRocca Paolina, Perugia

steve mccurry norciaNorcia

sensational umbria todiTodi, view on Basilica di San Fortunato

steve mccurry Umbria jazzUmbria Jazz, Piazza IV Novembre – Perugia

duomo orvieto mccurryOrvieto Cathedral

lago corbara mccurryCorbara Lake, View from Forello Hill

Photo:  Sensational Umbria © 2012

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35 thoughts on “Sensational Umbria by Steve Mccurry… like a local!

  1. Looks like a real slice of heaven on earth Illaria and as usual your photos are stunning. I love the one of the two jazz musicians and the girl in the cafe. Umbria certainly does looks like it belongs in another era.

    • Hi Tim! You chose two photos that represent city corners that I always love to enjoy :) The one with the musician has been shot during Umbria Jazz festival, my favourite event of the year! It’s going to start on July, so we’re so close.. can’t wait!

  2. Absolutely fantastic photos of Perugia! I would love to go there sometime soon, as they host the Euro Chocolate Festival each fall. Italy makes such great chocolate, in addition to all their fabulous food!

    • Hi Doreen! The photos you can see are not only from Perugia, but from the entire Umbria. I read you’re very well informed about Eurochocolate event ;) It usually takes place every October, if you are going to plan a visit give me a shout :)

  3. Absolutely amazing photos! And I have such fond memories of Umbria. The photo of the woman leading the donkey with the sit behind her took my breath away. Stunning stuff

  4. Great photos ! Ilaria, I really like your approach to viewing art without pre-conceived ideas as many critics or reviewers are jaded or have a quite different perspective than we may find for ourselves. I am drawn to all of the shots that have motion in some shape or form, particularly Castellucio di Norcia where it almost appears the donkey is pulling the town and Orvieto Cathedral which is more abstract and dynamic than we might be used to.

    • Glad you enjoyed the pictures Paul! I love Castelluccio, it’s a special place. It’s called the ‘little Italian Tibet’ for its particular climate and because it’s an highland.

  5. Ilaria – do you really live there? It must feel like your living in a history book – amazing. I love your photos and the buildings are stunning. I also like the approach taken to display Steve McCurry’s photos – that must have been really impressive to see. Lucky you.

  6. Beautiful photos – takes me right back to that country. My husband and I love Italy. Been there maybe 7 or 8 times and planning another trip to Tuscany. I have a cousin in Italy whose name is, Ilaria! We’ve visited them twice since 2000.


    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

  7. These are beautiful. My favorite is the man with the cello over his shoulder. It’s so fun to see your own area through the eyes of a visitor, isn’t it?

  8. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I always knew Italy was beautiful but have only seen the usual touristy city kind of places. Perugia looks like a hidden gem. My favourite picture is the one of the Corbara Lake, View from Forello Hill. Such a beautiful spot.

    • One of the purposes of this blog is to show the English speaking folks that there aren’t only the most famous cities to visit. Italy is full of hidden treasures! I’m a proud local who enjoys to tell you about ^^

  9. Fantastic images. So arresting. It would be impossible to choose a favourite image as it would change depending on the mood, but for today, the two jazz musicians are beautiful and I love all the lines and the play of black and white on the cathedral image.

    • Sorry Debra I’ve lost your comment.. :) The cathedral you are talking about is located in Orvieto, south western part of Umbria. It is really a marvellous building.

    • Thanks for your comment Sylvia. I heard different opinions about this exhibition, somebody are critical about it because they say it’s too far from the real Umbrian life. For example, the pictures of the ‘daily life’. I agree they are a little fictional, but I think the most important thing is to celebrate our beauties making them well-known all around the world. :) Do you agree?

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