A dream called Santorini #preview

It has been a while since I’ve been to Santorini, but the feelings are still alive in my mind as it was only happened yesterday. It’s a place completely out from the hustle and bustle of our world, but maybe this is a characteristic belonging to many little islands.
There’s something special here, something more.
I’ll talk about my experience, the emotions I’ve felt and about what you absolutely can’t miss of the Queen of the Cyclades.

Not everyone knows that the incredible beauty and uniqueness of Santorini is related to a tragic event: the eruption of the volcano of Thera in 1500 B.C. (Minoan eruption) caused a massive earthquake followed by tsunami waves that were so high and strong to reach the northern coast of Crete, devastating it completely. Some legends identify Santorini as the land of Atlantis and consider this catastrophic event as the end of this civilization. Santorini and its ancient and important past have always fascinated me. This is one of the reasons which brought me to choose it. Its uniqueness, the sea (which I love immensely), the tranquility that you breathe in every corner, the spectacular landscapes: this was what I expected to find.

What has been presented to my eyes was something really wonderful, above any expectation: a wide expanse of blue sea, dark and intense, the white towns of Fira and Oia climbed on the cliffs which look towards the caldera. In front, it stands the black Volcano island and on the background there’s Thirasia, the small island inhabited by only 200 people, where time seems to have stopped.

It is said to be the most romantic island in the world. I can’t tell you whether it is true or not (and well, I am not that kind of sentimentalist person ..) but what I can assure you is that your experience here will have a truly unique flavor and a special meaning if you will be living it with the right person.

santorini vista caldera

santorini chiesa

santorini oia

santorini oia

santorini oia

santorini oia fiori

santorini oia

santorini oia turisti

santorini oia relax

santorini oia mulini a vento

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22 thoughts on “A dream called Santorini #preview

  1. Beautiful island Santorini. I lived many years ago on neighboring Paros and have always wanted to return. This post has just made me think even harder about when I should get back there. Thanks Illaria.

    • Cyclades are like heaven! Did you love spending your time in Paros? I would love to visit them all.. it’ll be great to spend an entire summer sailing over the Aegean sea.. a dream!

  2. Love the Greek archipelago and have spent a lot of time there. First when I lived in Athens for three months carrying out an assignment for The New York Post and then later when I had a Greek boyfriend. Personally loved Hydra.

    • So you know Greece very well :) Never been to Hydra, it should be very interesting to visit, also from a historical point of view.

  3. Hi Ilaria, I have not visited Santorini but was familiar with the legends. Your great photos and entertaining review certainly inspire one to check it out

  4. If I go to Greece, Santorini is at the top of my list of must-see destinations. So many people I know have said fantastic things about it. Your blog post cinches it.

    • And it is fantastic, Shawn. A unique environment, stunning views, you should plan a visit if you are thinking to go to Greece one day.

  5. Ilaria, I’ve not been to Santoini but I’m holding out hope that someday I can get there. These photos are absolutely spectacular and very tempting to move that up higher on the bucket list:)

  6. Santorini looks stunning and romantic to me, Ilaria. The deep blue water set against the gorgeous magenta flowers; absolutely lovely.

  7. Hi Ilaria – Great post as always. From where did you take the pictures? I found it interesting that the buildings all seemed to be sort of just plopped down wherever. They seem to be facing all different directions.

    • Thanks Lenie :) I took that pictures in a small village called Oia, located in the nothern part of the island. The buildings follow the shape of the volcanic rocks on which they have been constructed.

  8. Your photos are so striking. If the stories were not enough appeal to potential visitors, then the images would do the job. The intensity of the blue is so exciting and yet restful.

  9. I only has six hours to spend in Santorini, but it was a great six hours. I wish the cruise ship I was on had left Crete off the itinerary and given us the whole day to explore Santorini. I would love to go back to the Greek isles one of these days and spend some time overnight. When I showed students pictures of the approach, they asked if that was snow on the rim of what remains of the caldera ;) They were really impressed when they realized how all of the houses are practically stacked on top of the one another.

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