Just a matter of point of view

Point of view, santorini Point of view (Special, Unique)

“Just a matter of point of view”

It ‘a very common expression, maybe a bit abused, but so true. The way on which we perceive things can completely change the meaning.

It’s not only about ‘where you are’, but it’s very important which emotion you feel: a colour, a sound, a scent that merge with our emotions, creating a unique experience. So, if considered from the right point of view, even a simple summer holiday or a city break can be an interesting experience to tell.

Rocca Passignano sul TrasimenoPoint of view (special, familiar)

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4 thoughts on “Just a matter of point of view

  1. A really interesting aspect of human nature and life is that all human beings perceive reality in different ways. In other words, we have 7 billion versions of what reality is. Who’s right and who’s wrong?:-)

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