# Florence Cathedral, over the top!

463 steps, narrow spiral stairs, tunnels that gradually become steeper and narrower: it’s a ‘challenge’ you can win and your efforts will be fully rewarded.

You will be stunned by an incredible view of the beautiful city of Florence, you can watch closely at the magnificent frescoes of ‘The Last Judgement‘ by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari and enjoy a unique view on the inside of the Dome from 50 meters high, in the first inner ring.

You can’t miss it!

cupola brunelleschi firenze

scale cupola firenze

affresco giudizio universale

interno duomo firenze



campanile di giotto firenze

vista panoramica firenze

cupola firenze panorama

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40 thoughts on “# Florence Cathedral, over the top!

  1. I climbed the duomo many years ago before the glass railing was in place. The view is spectacular as it is Piazza Michelangelo across the river. Such a gorgeous city.

  2. Forence is beautiful – but then I have a soft spot for Italy. I did find it a little overwhelming with tourists, but there were so many incredible things to see. I enjoyed going up to the top of thee Boboli Gardens to Fortesse Belvedere too which is not only interesting itself , but has a stunning view of the city. And was quiet!

    • I had your same feeling last time I went to Florence – a couple of months ago – a little bit overwhelmed by lots of people. Florence is always full of tourists! Good choice finding your peaceful view from Fortesse Belvedere :)

  3. I love views of old cities from up high. Going to the highest point and looking out is something I so often do when traveling, but don’t think to do at home. I think I’ll seek out a nice, high place to look at my city soon.

    • It’s the same for me! Every time I visit a city I’m attracted by views from the top, it’s a privileged perspective. As you can see in my post about Turin, there’s a great view from Mole Antonelliana building.

  4. The pictures were breath-taking. As I was looking at the pictures – can you call them that? – of the inside of the dome I wondered how many years that had been in the making. You are so fortunate to have access to these beauties. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Lenie. Yes, I feel lucky in having these beauties so right at hand! If I remember well, it tooks 16 years to build the cupola. Don’t know how much time to realize the frescoes. They have some incredible bright colours!

  5. Your pictures of Florence are beautiful. Florence is one of my favorite cities, as I love the architecture and the location. Brought back fond memeories

    • Florence is awesome! It’s also one of most the important Italian cities for the number of tourists going there every single day of the week.

  6. This is Jay

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I showed then to my wife and now Florence is on our to do trip last

    • Hi Donna, the day I went there I had the chance to spend there the time I wanted. Maybe because it was a very cold day, although it doesn’t seem from my pictures. :)

  7. it is beautiful and you took amazing pictures! I want to go here someday. A girl can dream. =)

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