I love Trasimeno lake

After a long period of rainy and bad weather that seemed to be endless, last weekend awaited spring has come. Goodbye meteoropathy, stop shopping at the malls, stop asking yourself questions like “what to do when it’s raining?“. Last Sunday I finally went to Trasimeno lake.

Do you know that ‘place of the heart’, which makes you think about the beginning of summer, which evokes only positive memories? I think everybody has one. The lake is mine, I have always loved it.
Maybe it’s because I live far from the sea – that I love so much – Trasimeno lake has always been for me a special place that had some flavour of vacation. I remember with pleasure summer barbecues on the beach, water balloon wars, me and my cousin going out with our rowboat to end up every time stucked on the reeds.
Every year it proves to be the favorite place for my city getaways, that can also last a few hours. Watching the ferries at the pier, enjoying the sunset, watching people taking a stroll in a peaceful environment.

Maybe a little underestimated from who lives near there, it is much loved by the foreign tourists who usually come here every year. If you get around here or if you’re planning a trip in central Italy, Trasimeno lake is absolutely worth a visit. Take a look at these pictures.. what do you think?
[p.s. time to write the post, bad weather is already back.. ]

Rocca PassignanoPassignano sul Trasimeno, view from the ‘Rocca’

Passignano vista isoleView on Isola Maggiore and Minore from ‘Rocca di Passignano’

Tramonto sul trasimeno all'ora dell'aperitivoHappy hour & Sunset over Trasimeno

tramonto lago trasimeno

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22 thoughts on “I love Trasimeno lake

  1. Lake Trasimeno, Wow. What a gorgeous lake and your photos capture it beautifully. Especially the one from Isola Maggiore.

    • It’s one of my favourite places, I would come here infinite times. The landscape colours, the feeling of peace you can find there, the incredible sunsets. There are two very small islands in the middle of the lake, reachable by ferry, I love going there! During the summer there are some special music events – blues festival and sunset parties – it’s the best moment of the year.

  2. Hi Ilaria. Trasimeno Lake looks beautiful and as always your photos are very evocative. It seems to be the case the world over that visitors appreciate destinations in a different way than those who live nearby, though locals perhaps yearn for them when away and hopefully return to them with fresh eyes after a period of absence.

  3. Hi Ilaria – another beautiful set of photos – I love the one of the sunset – I could just picture myself sitting there among the ‘happy hour gang’ and feeling totally at peace.

  4. Beautiful! It’s often true that people take for granted the wonders that are near them and it is people new to the area that appreciate them more. You are such a good photographer!

    • It’ll be an interesting house exchange Sarah! ;) You have an incredible nature in Canada, I’ve never been there but I’ve heard about from some of my friends.

  5. What a beautiful place! Is your picture in your blog header also of Lake Trasimeno? I live in the middle of the desert and am fascinated with lakes, rivers, and oceans. I like how you call it a place of the heart.

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