Are you curious?

Dreaming about far away places, unforgettable trips…
However, it’s not easy to be able to make all our wishes come true!

This for lots of reasons… Work, study, responsabilities, stress which brings you constantly in a hurry! There’s always few time to do and organize. Keeping procrastinating day by day, putting it off to the next week (yes, but which year?!)

Just stop for a while. Look around yourself, let’s begin to play attention to detail, thinking about the things we take for granted, to enjoy little things. It’ll be easy to realize to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with breathtaking landscapes, a very rich culture, unique tastes and smells, also with its faults and contradictions.

The Curious Café has been created for people like me, who want to enjoy the very best things that are so close to us. And why not, also to dream about (at first glance) unreachable places!
Let’s go discovering places and feelings through images and stories…

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